LinkedIN is a social media site that allows you to network with professionals in your career path. With over 200 million users the database is large enough to positively affect all of its users. For college students LinkedIN is a vital resource. The greatest feature to LinkedIN in my opinion is so great due to its simplicity & overall easiness to use.

How does this benefit journalist?

Other than its obvious benefit of connecting you with other professionals in your field, LinkedIN is a valuable pre-interview tool. Say you have an interview set up with a local business owner. Before you arrive to the interview you would need to have background information on the business.

LinkedIN unlike many other social sites is more likely to help you than hurt you. Few profiles on LinkedIn have information that employers would look down upon. What you need to keep in mind is that there are over 200 million other people on the site. It is imperative that your page stands out. Not in a bad way. Do not be the person who post what they do every weekend.

If you’re truly good at something people will tell you. LinkedIN has a feature for other users to endorse you. There are a list of skills & expertise that you can put to your site. Once its put to on your profile other users can endorse those skills, which adds credibility to your site.

LinkedIN is worthless without credibility. Show work samples & be identifiable and you can be successful through LinkedIN