Facebook for Journalist

From ‘Who’s hot & Who’s not’ an online site for Harvard students to 900 million active users as of 2012. Facebook is a leader in the social media arena.

With the affect Facebook has on the digital arena journalist have made the site work for them. Journalist use Facebook to distribute news, showcase multimedia & gain access to communities.

Although Facebook has contributed greatly to the spreading of news there are pitfalls to the site as with all social media in concern with spreading news. Unverified information & non credible leads are two of the biggest pitfalls to spreading or receiving news from Facebook.

Facebook recognizes its impact on the journalistic world. There are pages on the site that instruct journalist on how to effectively post stories to Facebook. Another quality incentive for journalist to join Facebook are the groups for journalist.

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For a journalist to be successful on Facebook his/her page must be professional. Pages are created for your career and should be used strictly for that purpose.

Professional accounts for journalist grants them the opportunity to cover stories without having to pitch the idea to an editor. Again it is important that you delete any compromising information that can be connected to you. Always cover your tracks in this digital age.