GPB’s headquarters is located in Atlanta, Georgia, roughly ten minutes from Georgia State University’s campus. The Digital Journalism class I attend visited the headquarters.

Rosser Shymanski, the Production Manager at GPB led the class tour. The first stop we made featured this high tech lighting control system. The lights are on numbered sections that can drop down from the ceiling.

2015-11-06 12.07.50

The class then proceeded to the main floor of the studio. Once there Rosser said to the class that the popular show Paternity Court rented out the studio & filmed ten shows in one day!

2015-11-06 12.08.54

The director, producer and switcher would all be located in the room pictured below. Rosser explained to us that this room can become very heated with high tensions. The director would send commands to the switcher on what camera to switch to next and also communicate to the cameramen on what to be shoot.

2015-11-06 12.28.55



2015-11-06 12.57.23

There are plenty of jobs to be done here at GPB however the staff is limited due to state funding, according to Rosser. To help with certain productions Rosser hires freelancers. Over the years he has acquired a very useful list of professionals in the field. Other peers in the industry will often seek Rosser’s council on freelancers to hire due to his deep pool of talent.

Georgia Public Broadcasting is a state funded and operated broadcasting station. In 2014 GPB took over Georgia State University’s student run radio station, WRAS-FM/Album 88.5 daytime programming.  Album 88, which is what the radio station is commonly known as is among the most powerful radio stations in the Country for a college.

With the acquisition of Album 88 the station is open to more Georgia State students. This benefit still was not enough to convince WRAS listener  it was a good move.


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