Twitter or should I say Twttr?

Screen Shot 2015-11-13 at 12.36.51 PM

Twitter or twttr as it was originally named is the big joker, the holy cannoli of social networks sites for journalist.

If you are an aspiring journalist clean up your twitter & if you don’t have one get from under your rock. Twitter is apt for journalist due to its high traffic, thirst for information by its users & ease of searching. Twitter users pioneered the use of the ‘hashtag’, represented by #.

Users place importance on specific words in a tweet. The trending topics are based off hashtags in a particular region. For a journalist this is gold. With the right picture & subject line combined with a catchy hashtag it can propel your piece into the infamous viral stage.

Is that not every journalist goal? To have their work appreciated by the public.

Twitter brings that ease to your fingertips, literally.


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